What influence does your first name, gender and date of birth have on your personality? Each astrological sign has different characteristics. Some signs are sentimental, others are realistic. Some are orderly and organized, others are moody and unpredictable… In addition, your first name also influences your character traits and tastes.

Thus, Louis born under the sign of Aquarius, will be different from another Louis born under the sign of Capricorns. Similarly, Dominique (girl) of the sign of Fish will be different from Dominique (boy) of the same sign. A truly original gift to offer to those round you. Choose your decor, indicate the first name, gender and date of birth of the person of your choice. A fun little gift for your friend to find out what their first name and birthday reveal. What are his character traits, tastes, habits…

Enter any name and date of birth and this amazing numerology software will reveal your personal profile on a personalised scroll based on ancient numerology, calculated from any name and date of birth. We are printing it for you to give to friends and family as a nice gift. A personalised scroll for a unique and personal gift that will surprise your family and friends.

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