Whether to celebrate the birth of a newborn baby, for a christening gift, a birthday present, or to give pleasure at Christmas, the money box is an original gift that is very much appreciated because of the values it conveys. How can you not want to be thrifty when you own one of these adorable wall-mounted money boxes with a deer money box? What a pleasure to put a coin received from your grandmother, godmother or uncle.

This hunting trophy deer head has a good muzzle and looks at you with a naughty look. Offer this nice money box. A gift that will make your teenagers fall for it, a funny and endearing deer, an animal as a confidant, and an ideal decoration to save money. An unusual gift idea for a student kitty. Your friend loves animals, and you are looking for an animal decorative object to give for Christmas?

You would like to find a fun and original gift for a child, a teenager, a friend, the money box hunting trophy is great. 

You are setting up a relaxation area in the office. The deer money box is ideal near the coffee machine to pay for a hot drink.

A gift idea for a girl, a gift idea for a boy, an unusual gift for interior decoration to brighten up your home. 

Bduck saving bank stag white CMYK

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With its very modern design, this beautiful object could be exposed in a contemporary art museum and could be used as a money box at the exit of the museum. The first use of this “deer-duck” or “duck-deer” a money box or a decorative element? This gift may be offer as unusual and original gift for a birthday of a loved one or for an inauguration, an opening...

Canar Wall Banker-Deer Design-CMYK

- Materials: PVC, sticker, rotocasting

- dimensions:16cm x 18cm x 6cm

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