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Do you want a surprising and unusual personalized mug? The magic mug is a great idea. Ordinary at first sight but as soon as you pour a hot drink the cup changes little by little and lets appear your favorite photo. Unexpected the first time but always funny each time. If you have several magic cups the surprise of discovering which cup you have chosen is total. You can play to guess which photo will appear. Daddy's photo? or mom? from younger or older? Granny? kitty’s photo?… When the mug is filled with a hot drink, the colored thermo-reactive coating becomes transparent and reveals the printed pattern. Then when the cup cools it regains its blue color. We recommend washing your mug by hand so as not to alter the magic effect. This magic mug is available for all occasions: at Christmas, for a birthday, a wedding, a baptism, a communion or to thank your hosts for an invitation to your friends or relatives. The customizable magic mug will enchant your meals or your moments of relaxation at home, it will surprise your guests at home. It will surprise your visitors or customers in your company or association when the logo or photo of your featured product or company buildings appear.

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Height: 90mm Diam: 80mm 220gr

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Magic mug to customise
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History of the cup 



The evolution of the human species has been made through many small changes in habits and ways of acting. One of these changes is undoubtedly the way we eat and the utensils and objects we use, as we have already mentioned in our article. Kitchen items have diversified over time according to cultures and needs. 

The mug is one of those illustrious everyday objects that have a history and whose usefulness is no longer in question.

The mug is now tending to be rivalled by the mug, which is a large, much more fashionable cup used without a saucer.

A mug is a large cylindrical container with a handle, used without a saucer, which looks similar to a mug and is used for drinking or measuring in Europe and Quebec, and only for drinking hot liquids in North America.

A mug can also be made of clay, glass or enamelled metal.

Its use varies from region to region and it can be decorated and personalised as desired. You can therefore offer or buy a mug personalised with your company logo, to drink a cup of coffee while motivating yourself at work.


A mug has the particularity of being able to be decorated according to one's taste and wishes. They are available in different sizes and formats, as well as in different colours. 


Message board to customise

Enough of seeing an erasable whiteboard or a soulless board every day to write down the little tasks of the week? The memo board to personalise is perfect for keeping track of everyone's schedule: Annie has dance lessons on Wednesday, Dad goes shopping on Thursday, John goes to the dentist on Friday, and mum goes to get Granny on Saturday. Choose your background to brighten up your daily life (A sandy beach, a mountain photo, your flower garden, a pretty galloping horse...) and four photos for the left side part. For example a photo of each family member. If you are co-tenants, you can also use this memo board for household chores such as Monday Joe sets and clears the table, Jack prepares the meal and William and Averell do the dishes, etc. Tuesday, Joe pays for the pizzas, Jack plans the drinks, William the music and Averell looks for a board game or a nice activity. Also, at work, this memo board can be used to indicate the schedules of your small team and the main tasks to be performed by each during the week. An unusual gift, an original and useful decorative idea to improve your weekly organization at home or at work.


Gold coloured mug to customise

This golden mug personalized with your most beautiful photo will directly give you the impression of being rich and privileged even if it is not in real gold. Indeed, it is the colour of prosperity and luxury because gold was long reserved for the wealthy. The colour gold is also the symbol of fertility. It is therefore perfect for a photo of birth or for a baptism. A photo of your large family to offer to your grandparents. You are looking for a Zen gift, this personalized gold mug will be ideal because according to the Buddhist philosophy gold is associated with deep spirituality and the golden colour warms the heart and the spirit. On Valentine's Day, for the birthday of your beloved buddy, as a souvenir at a wedding, the gold background adds a glamorous touch to your romantic photo. This personalized gold coloured mug with a professional photo will also have an impact on your colleagues and customers. A photo of the logo on a gold background will add prestige and sparkle to the image of the company. We can also print a message such as "for a golden mom, a golden dad, a golden grandpa, a golden friend ..." An ideal gift to thank or to celebrate a golden person. The golden background goes well with all colors and especially with black and red.


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Do you find that the clocks sold in stores are not to your liking or lack of personality? You seem to see the same wall watch everywhere. Look no further, you can customize this clock as you wish. We print on the dial a photo or a text. Dig into your best photos and select one of a loved one or a place you love. You love animals take a nice photo of a horse, a pony during your walk or photograph your little four-legged friend. The custom clock is a deco idea to give a fun touch in the home, office, waiting room or any other place. The personalized watch is a great idea to offer a unique and useful gift. A nice photo of your children or your family to offer your parents, grandparents, your godfather or godmother ... a pretty image free of rights with the first name of your daughter or your son to individualize his room which will be decorated according to his personal tastes. The logo and name of your company to decorate your premises while giving the time. A proverb or motto to show your ideas, your convictions or a hilarious quote to amuse your friends. Everything is possible.