Round metal box with Valentine's Day label

Various uses of tinplate

"Workers or craftsmen making household or gardening utensils in galvanised steel, a profession that has practically disappeared, are also called tinsmiths (Tinsmiths are those who make or sell tools or utensils made of tin, often for household use, such as saucepans, basins, plates and lanterns. The term is also used to describe the workers and craftsmen who install and shape roofing structures in galvanised steel or another metal (zinc, copper, etc.). This term is used more in Switzerland and in certain French regions such as Savoie or Alsace.

Metal boxes first appeared in the early 18th century. It was thanks to industrialisation that the marketing of iron cans in large quantities was able to develop. Previously, the containers were made of cloth, cardboard or wood. offers metal tins whose lids can be customised with a photo of your children, a photo of your dog or your pet or with labels dedicated to Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day or any other labels dedicated to various events.

 Small Valentine's Day gift, a special white metal box with the ability to add a small love note, a great Valentine's Day gift, it is truly a unique and original gift for your lover's Valentine's Day

Round metal box with Valentine's Day label

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Printable area : diameter 146 mm

Shape : round

Dimensions : diameter 150 x 150 mm

Material : metal

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Round metal box with Valentine's Day label
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