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Your fridge door is sad and empty; decorate it with these personalized magnets.  You are looking for a home decor gift to share your most beautiful memories and you remember good times: we print your prettiest photos on these magnets. A wonderful idea for collectors, complete your collection of magnets and decorate your kitchen: display your pretty family photos or your beautiful vacation photos.

A gift for animal friends: funny photos of your cat or dog printed on a magnet. A photo of the children, of mom or why not friends, a holiday photo, I don’t think that there is more pleasant decoration to place on the family fridge or on the fridge of the office. An idea for the happiest day of your life and that’s a great idea to offer to your guests too and immortalize your wedding.

Your logo printed on an original support to promote your brand and to offer a nice personalized magnet to your customers. You can offer these souvenir photo magnets like a holiday souvenir to friends or anyone else. These photos will remain forever in your memory thanks to the personalization of the magnets: an unforgettable and unique gift to share with your mom, dad, grandparents and friends.

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Description: Plastic sticker i.e. for fridge.

Printable on one side.

2mm thick.

Round: 63mm.

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Round magnets (5) to customise
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White mug with horoscope to...

White mug with horoscope to customise From your first name, your gender and your date of birth, our astrology software will reveal your favourite colour, your favourite gemstone or the flower that most attracts you. It will also reveal your qualities, the astrological signs that attract you, famous personalities born on the same date... Enter any name and date of birth and this incredible numerology software will reveal your personal profile. Offering a personalised mug according to your star sign, date of birth and first name arouses emotion. It’s a great idea for a nice little gift and whatever the reason: a birthday, a thank you, a party or just out of friendship. Everyone likes to take a break for coffee, herbal tea, soup, or hot chocolate. Your friend or relative will be excited to use it and think of you. The personalised mug from your first name and your date of birth is an original gift to serve as a cup for a break or a meal, but it can also become an unusual decorative object if you use it as a pencil holder on your desk. Whether at home or at work. The white mug with horoscopes to personalise from the first name and date of birth is a fun, playful and useful gift for lovers of astrology or numerology.


Vintage mug with mother's...

History of the cup

Making a mug

A unique coffee mug Mother's day is always a pleasure, you will find many decorations dedicated to Mother's Day as a starting point. You can add to this best gift idea for mum your little word dedicated to the most important person in your life.

1) First of all, the raw material is put into a grinder and ground into a smaller, more manageable clay powder. The clay powder is combined with quartz feldspar and water in a mixer for 15 hours. 

2) The refining process continues when the clay slurry is fed into moulding tubes and formed into clay balls which are cut into specific portions. The portion discs are placed in a disposable mould and take the shape of your cup.

3) After drying, the mug is removed from the mould by hand and is ready for the next step. Processing the applications, the mud handles are made in the same way as the body of the mug. 

4) Once the handles have dried and been removed from the mould, they are dipped into a mixture of clay and water called slip, which acts as a glue. Now it is time to work on the details.

5) A technician carefully removes any excess clay or rough edges, removing any dust or debris and giving the cup a perfectly smooth finish.

6) It is now time to give the mugs their characteristic colour and ceramic glaze. Some mugs are dipped in a single colour glaze, the edges are padded and they are ready for the next step. Other mugs need a little more Flair. For example, a specially painted rim or a different colour on the inside than on the outside.


Vintage mug with adult...

History of the cup

The Calabrian goblet cup is slightly rounded at the base, with a slightly flared upper rim.

The Etruscan cup made in 1786 for Queen Marie-Antoinette in the Rambouillet dairy.

The jasmine cup, intended for chocolate: slightly flared, on a small base that serves as a pedestal, called a piédouche, it is decorated with animal claws and has rolled handles that are higher than the cup.

The duck cup is small and is used to dip a sugar cube into three drops of coffee.

The same name is given to the cup that bedridden patients drink from. It has a handle for the carer and a long spout that can be slipped between the patient's lips to avoid spilling the liquid. The analogy between the spout and the bird's beak led to the name "duck". The duck was mainly made of earthenware until the end of the 20th century, when this material was replaced by plastic.

The filter or herbal tea cup is large and has a built-in filter.

The broth cup is wide and flared, with a lid and two side handles.

The moustache cup, created at the end of the 19th century, is a cup with a semi-circular inner rim. The rim has a crescent-shaped opening that prevents the liquid from reaching the hair of moustached drinkers.


Clock to personalise


Since time immemorial, people have tried to tame time.

Thanks to scientific discoveries and technical innovations, the measurement of time has gradually been mastered. For thousands of years, people have measured time in a variety of ways, including following the movements of the sun with sundials, using water clocks, candle clocks and hourglasses. Our modern basic 60 time system, a clock with periods of 60 minutes and 60 seconds, dates back to 2000 BC in ancient Sumeria (the southernmost region of ancient Mesopotamia).

History of clocks; 

"Time is money", they say, but the history of clocks is long and fascinating. The measurement of time is one of the earliest developments of mankind and time has changed greatly since ancient times.

The birth of clocks to measure time:

A clock is a time-measuring instrument that usually tells the time continuously. The word comes from the Latin horologium, "that tells the time", itself derived from the Greek ὡρολόγιον (formed from oρα, "time", and λέγειν, "to tell", λόγιον, "to tell"). Since ancient times, the Latin term 'horologium' has been used to refer to any instrument capable of indicating time, which has often led to difficulties in interpreting ancient texts. Thus, a sundial, a water clock, an astrolabe, a nocturlabe, a mechanical clock were called "horologia".

A clock with a photo of your holiday by the sea, in the mountains or in the countryside. There's nothing better to cheer you up when the holidays are over or when the weather is not good. These are custom photo gifts, photo gifts ideas, to personalise gifts photo, to personalise with photos