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In Europe, just a few months ago, wearing masks in Japan seemed very exotic. At the beginning of the pandemic in Europe, when masks were scarce and were available at prohibitive prices, many of the citizens, generally the most agile with their hands, made protective masks in a very artisanal way. They were often made with whatever they could get their hands on, without really being sure they had the right technique, nor the right fabric, and the motifs of the masks were of little importance. Sometimes fanciful or even plain without a soul. Today, the price of masks has fallen sharply. With the mask we offer you at a democratic price you will have an authentic protective mask and a design that brings out your personality, your identity, thanks to a graphic like a tribal tattoo. Behind its abstract designs and complex lines the tribal motifs were created thousands of years ago. They evoke the elements of nature (earth, fire, water, air, ocean, sun), animals (turtles, lizards, shark teeth), each with its own symbolism. Power, eternity, purity, immunity, fertility, the values carried by these tattoos are numerous. Ancestral and religious practice at the beginning to become today a fashion phenomenon through the subjects of the tattoos. Ideal gift to emphasize or bring out the ornaments, the motives which enthuse you..

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  • Celtic-2
  • Cheval au galop
  • Dragon-apala
  • Dragon Darlatan
  • Monster-skulls-1
  • Monster-skulls-2
  • Taureau-chargeant

- White mask, approx. 21 x 13 cm - Print area approx. 19.5 x 11.5 cm - Diameter of the tie rod approx. 6 cm - Front 100% polyester, back 80% cotton, 20% polyester - Colour white - Washable up to 60° C - According to REACH Regulation (EG) No. 1907/2006 (European Union Regulation)

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